Lemn is the bank account that will not charge you shady fees, where you can open your account and manage your money without ever need to go any branch, or talk to anyone.

A Neo Bank for the future.


Lemn is the only bank that you need. Stop using old dinosaur banks with fees for everything. With Lemn you get an IBAN, to get paid or pay anyone, just like any other bank, and a MasterCard to spend money as you like.

Without thousands of branches and employees we don’t need to charge you high fees for every money movement you do. Traditional banks simply can’t compete with our fees.


Bank account No commissions


When you sign up, we will generate your bank account, where you will be able to operate, recive transfers, or salary and transfer money anywhere.


Physical Card

MasterCard Debit Card

What would be about your money if you can’t spend it as you like? Your money will be available to spend on your physical MasterCard, and also you will be able to use Virtual Cards for your safety when spending online.

Additionally, you will be able to link your MasterCard to your phone and spend just swiping your phone connecting it to Google Pay and Apple Pay.


Manage your spending and subscriptions like never before

Simple and Powerful control over your subscriptions and spending

With Lemn you will see clearly where your money is spent, and we will give you control to block payments to unwanted subscriptions. You can organize your monthly spending based on your salary or budgets, and gain full visibility and control over your financial life.

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Lemn is launching soon